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MSA - Spartanburg Partnerships

Meeting Street Academy is fortunate to have the support of many local businesses that provide various programs for its students.  For information about how your business can partner with Meeting Street Academy, please contact the school. 


Chapman Cultural Center

Chapman Cultural Center provides cultural arts and science programs to MSA students. They also provide weekly ballet classes to our Pre-K4 students.  


Palmetto Project

 The Palmetto Project is partnering with MSA to improve access to healthcare services for MSA families.   


Advanced Therapy Solutions

Advanced Therapy Solutions partners with MSA to provide occupational therapy screenings, assessments, and treatment on-site at the school. They allow parents to request a screening and/or an evaluation for occupational therapy if they have concerns about their child's performance in school.


McCullough Therapeutic Solutions

McCullough Therapeutic Solutions solutions partners with MSA to provide speech therapy screenings, assessments, and treatment on-site at the school. Students identified for needing speech therapy meet once a week for one hour with a therapist.  


USC Upstate

MSA partners with the Psychology/Community Advocate degree program at USC Upstate by housing two interns per semester to provide them with an opportunity to advocate for at risk families in the community.


Benefit Bank

Through our partnership with the Benefit Bank, MSA is able to provide families access to numerous benefit programs.


Spartanburg Day School

Spartanburg Day School provides student volunteers and tutors for Meeting Street Academy. Our students also interact with each other for special events such as performances and celebrations.


HUB City Farmers Market

A grant with the HUB City farmers market allows MSA students the opportunity to plant a garden, and take weekly classes that teach them the importance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Provide health screenings, comprehensive physical exams, and follow-up care for all MSA students.


Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg

Healthy Smiles provides screenings and comprehensive oral exams for all MSA students.


College Hub 

MSA is partnering with College Hub to provide Ages and Stages questionnaire (ASQ) screenings on all potential students, current students, and siblings of current students up to 5 years of age.