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Why Support Us?

Almost 15% of adults in South Carolina are illiterate.  Imagine how difficult life would be if you could not read or write.  You couldn’t read the newspaper, a good novel, food labels, or this sentence.  At Meeting Street Academy we are helping children who otherwise would not be given the opportunity to succeed.  We need the support of the whole community to ensure this program maintains its success and continues to change lives in a positive way.  Your support will help us:

  •  Provide our students with all of the tools and resources they need to excel in school.
  • Continue our extra-curricular activities such as swimming, field trips, gardening, and nutrition.
  • Possibly increase the size of the schools to meet the overwhelming demand we have experienced from Charleston-area families.
  • Ensure the longevity of Meeting Street Academy.

 Meeting Street Academy is changing lives every day.  Our students will be community leaders after they graduate from college, and they will have the opportunities that we, as Americans, deserve.  We need your help to ensure that our program continues to be a success. 

Join us as we change the face of education in South Carolina!