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Is MSA Right for Your Child?


Why send your child to MSA?

  • We offer children the opportunity to experience a world-class education, on par with the most elite private schools, at a cost that is affordable for families of all income levels.

Who can attend MSA?

  • Grade Level: Preschool (ages 3 and 4) through 5th Grade.
  • Age: PreK-3 students must turn 3 by September 1st; PreK-4 students must turn 4 by September 1st; and Kindergarten students must turn 5 by September 1st of the current year.
  • Income Level: Families who qualify for Free or Reduced Rate Lunch are given preference; however, all families should apply. We have an economically diverse community.
  • Residence: We do not have a residency requirement. Students may apply regardless of where they live. Families are required to transport their children to and from school.
  • School Zone: Students zoned to attend schools that are rated At Risk or Below Average by the South Carolina Department of Education are given preference; however, others may also apply.  To check the rating of your public school online, go to ed.sc.gov/data/report-cards/.
  • Diversity:  We value a diverse educational community. Families of all races and nationalities are encouraged to apply.
  • Academic Requirements: MSA’s program is designed to help children of varying academic abilities succeed.  Prior to acceptance, we conduct family and child interviews to determine the child's potential for success in our program.  For details on our application process, go to How to Apply.

What is the cost?

  • How much is the tuition?

    • Families who qualify for Free or Reduced Rate Lunch pay approximately $2 per day ($400 per year) tuition. 
    • Families who do not qualify for Free or Reduced Rate Lunch pay additional tuition based upon their income level.  For more information, go to Tuition and Fees.
    • Our optional Extended Day Program costs approximately $1 per day ($200 per year) in addition to the regular tuition.
  • How are we able to offer a great education at such a low cost?

    • Our affordable tuition levels are made possible through the generous donations of individuals, corporations and foundations. The actual cost to educate each MSA student is approximately $11,500 per year.  
  • Are uniforms required?

    • Yes, our students wear uniforms to foster an optimal learning environment.  Each family receives an annual credit towards uniform purchases.

Where is MSA?

  • MSA-Charleston is located in the heart of the upper Charleston peninsula, at 642 Meeting Street. We are conveniently situated near the I-26 and US-17 Interchange.
  • Transportation: Families are required to transport their children to and from school.

When do students attend school?

  • Longer School Year: Students at MSA benefit from a longer school year, providing more time for learning. We start in mid-July and end in early June.
  • Longer School Day: Students also benefit from a longer school day, beginning at 8:00 am and ending at 6:00 pm. We have an optional early pickup at 3:30 pm for children not participating in our Extended Day Program.
  • Optional Breakfast: Our doors open at 7:30 am so that students may enjoy a nutritious breakfast before they start their school day.
  • Extended Day Program: Almost all of our students participate MSA's vibrant and exciting Extended Day Program from 3:30pm - 6pm, where they experience may enriching cultural, athletic and academic activities.

How is MSA different from other schools?

  • We Start Young: We start our students at age 3 and 4 with a literacy-based program designed to teach children to read before entering first grade.
  • We Provide Excellent Academics: Our challenging academic program is specifically designed to teach students the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.  Not only do students learn to excel in their core subjects of Math, Langauge Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish; but they are also enriched through a broad range of coursework in Music, Art, Technology, Drama and Athletics.
  • We Teach the "Path to Success": We focus on the development of 8 positive behaviors proven to increase children’s success in school, work and relationships. These 8 behaviors are: grit, gratitude, optimism, empathy, citizenship, integrity, self-control, and curiosity. For more information on our Path to Success curriculum, go to Path to Success.
  • We Emphasize Healthy Living: We offer special programs designed to help educate our students and their families about healthy lifestyle choices such as getting proper nutrition, adequate rest and plenty of exercise.  We also help meet hte physical and developmental needs of our students by providing annual vision, hearing, speech and dental screenings.
  • We Are All About Family: We recognize the crucial importance of the parents and caregivers in a child's education.  Our families play a vital and active role in the educational experience at MSA.

To Apply...

  • Visit one of our schools in person; visit our How to Apply page; or call us at 843-735-7102
  • Application Fee: $10.