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Measures of Success

MSA uses rigorous assessment tools to evaluate the academic performance of our students relative to their peers at both public and independent schools nationwide.  To date, the results are highly encouraging.  MSA students demonstrate academic results that significantly exceed national public school averages and are competitive with private institutions.

Kindergarten Class of 2012-2013

Metropolitan Readiness Test

Our kindergarteners are evaluated using the Metropolitan Readiness Test (MRT), an assessment used by highly selective independent schools to measure students' readiness for first grade. Although MRT standards are much higher than those commonly used by public schools, our kindergarten classes are scoring well above national averages on this assessment.  We believe this is the direct result of the intensive vocabulary and literacy-based instruction our students are receiving during their preschool years with us.


1st - 3rd Grade Classes (2012-2013)

Education Records Bureau (ERB) Assessments

We measure grade-level achievement using the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) test, a stringent annual assessment used by private and upper echelon public schools.  Again, our students are scoring significantly above the national averages on this test, providing a strong indication that our formula is working to produce transformational educational results at MSA.  The test is given each spring to students in grades 1 and above in English language arts and mathematics in order to collect detailed feedback which informs our instruction. The data is used to compare our students’ performance and growth to  students attending a select group of suburban public schools and other independent schools.