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Archived News

MSA is buzzing with a new bee hive (Charleston City Paper, 4/30/2014)

The faint smell of honey permeates the air around the buzzing beehive. A little girl sits at the small table in the library of Sullivan's Island Elementary School, her face inches from thousands of bees as she watches them in their six specific roles — the queen laying eggs, the housekeepers cleaning the tall double-sided glass hive, the nurses feeding the baby bees as they emerge from the golden honeycomb, the scouts tumbling out of a clear tube into the garden outside, exploring the neighborhood for undiscovered flowers, the guards protecting the hive from intruders, and the foragers on the hunt for nectar to feed the colony.

Meeting Street Academy students get a new pair of shoes (ABC News-4 Charleston, 5/10/2013)

The MSA Running Club started off small, but excitement has helped it to grow. The club now includes 62 Kindergarten, first-, second- and third-grade students.

MSA Offers Nontraditional Approach to Education (Charleston City Paper, 12/05/2012)

Ashlyn is one of the first people I meet at Meeting Street Academy. As soon as I step into her classroom, this petite, sweet-faced kindergartner takes a break from the lesson that one of her teachers, Ms. Lambert, is giving to walk over and welcome me to her classroom. "Hello, welcome to Meeting Street Academy. My name is Ashlyn," she says, looking me in the eye and smiling as she speaks.

Meeting Street Academy is Working as Incubator (Charleston Mercury, 8/08/2012)

The spectacular success that a private school, Meeting Street Academy, is having at educating students from this socio-economic background warrants close examination. In addition to providing insights into principles, policies and procedures that work well in the classroom, it is dispelling myths about who can learn and demonstrating how effective autonomous schools can be.

Where Failure Isn't an Option (Post & Courier, 7/25/2012)

At Meeting Street Academy, 3-year-old students tend to start out at an academic deficit. But by the end of first grade, they score well above the national norm and very close to the nation's independent schools.

Community Celebrates Opening of Meeting Street Academy (The Post & Courier 7/24/2012)

Eight-year-old Guiliana McKinney can't wait to go back to school today. She's missed the karate, art and tennis lessons offered by Meeting Street Academy, and she's looking forward to taking those and being in a brand-new $4.5 million school.

Governor Praises Meeting Street Academy at Charleston Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (Spartanburg Herald-Journal 7/24/2012)

A private academy for low-income students that dedicated a new building in Charleston on Monday and opened a new campus in Spartanburg last week is a model for schools across South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley said.

Students Arrive for First Day at Meeting Street Academy (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 7/16/2012)

Dressed in their best, students arrived for the first day of school at the brand new Meeting Street Academy on Monday.

Spartanburg Gets a Look at Meeting Street Academy (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 6/6/2012)

Supporters and community members celebrated the impending opening of Meeting Street Academy’s new Spartanburg location Tuesday afternoon.

Meeting Street: Making Private Education Affordable (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 12/11/2011)

Meeting Street Academy — Spartanburg (MSA-S), modeled after Meeting Street Academy — Charleston, will open its doors in July 2012 to 40 children ages 3 and 4. Adding one grade level in each subsequent year through fifth grade, children attending MSA-S will be given an opportunity to complete their elementary education in an environment that focuses on laying a solid academic foundation in preparation for a successful educational experience.

New Private School Coming to Downtown Spartanburg (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 11/28/2011)

A new private school is scheduled to open its doors to the Spartanburg community in July.

6 Simple Ways You Can Help Kids Learn to Read (RedBook Magazine, 10/1/2011)

Nearly 40% of fourth-graders in America read below grade level - and 61% of low-income families don't have a single children's book at home. Change their futures with these easy ideas.

Growing a Youth Orchestra (Post & Courier, 5/22/2011)

Kidzymphony program puts instruments in hands of kids, but teaches more than music.

If Money Were No Object (Post & Courier, 2/27/2011)

Ken Burger of the Post and Courier profiles Meeting Street Academy - Charleston.

Ground to be Broken (Post & Courier, 1/12/2011)

Ground to be broken for new Meeting Street Academy.

Meeting Street Academy: An Education Leader in Charleston (Charleston Mercury, 12/2/2010)

MSA provides a college preparatory school education for families who would not otherwise be able to afford the best that elite private schools offer. The alternative for most of these children who live on our Upper Peninsula is a failing local school.

School has High Expectations (Post & Courier, 7/28/2010)

Meeting Street Academy gives low-income students the chance to learn in a private-school setting without the cost.

Dreaming High (Post & Courier, 10/15/2009)

Private school for underprivileged students aims for all to go to college and become community leaders.